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Particulate matter, fine dust as a pathogene

In today’s day and age, a person spends, on an average, 90% of his time in closed spaces. 65% of this time is spent at home itself. Protecting health from PM2.5 fine dust is becoming more and more important since more than 70% of the population works indoors in offices. Here, the problem is that people are more susceptible to PM2.5 fine dust in indoor areas. Known main sources of fine dust in outdoor areas are smoke and exhaust fumes.


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Air Filter helps

Our Air Filter is a system for cleaning and disinfecting the ambient air in rooms, such as living rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and, of course, canteens. The filtration performance of our models is 510 m3/h at 100%.

The system consists of 5 stages of filtration to purify the air. In addition, the consumption of the filter inserts and the current degree of contamination of ambient air are displayed graphically in the display.

The application areas of the AirJet air filter are clear. Moreover, it works very effectively, no matter whether the air filter is installed at home or in the office. However, it should not be installed in areas with extreme temperature fluctuations, such as, for instance, kitchens or bathrooms, as this may cause condensation inside the unit.

Due to the excellent air filtration, the AirJet air filter can be easily installed in waiting rooms of doctors‘ surgeries, where viruses and bacteria are effectively removed from the air.

The intelligent system of the AirJet automatically adjusts the air quality in line with the speed of the machine, so you can enjoy convenient operation of the unit and clean air at the same time. With the built-in dual air quality sensors for measurement and control of air quality (gases and aerosols), air quality can be accurately determined. In automatic mode, the system automatically selects the appropriate speed to ensure a high level of air quality in indoor environments.

Remove air pollution. Get high quality level of air

Thanks to the installed dual air quality sensors for measuring and checking the air quality (gas and aerosol), you can determine the quality of air accurately. In the automatic mode, the system automatically selects the suitable speed to ensure high quality of air in indoor areas.



Air Filtration Devices

Air Filter

Filters particulate matter, dust, heavy metals and other pollutants in the air

Sterilize air and generates anions

Ideal for people with air pollution, smog and allergies

Areas of application: private apartments, medical offices, treatments rooms, waiting rooms, canteens

Advantages with Air Filter


HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Filter)

Activated carbon filter

Modified adsorbent material

Some models with UV lamp

Anion generator

  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Removes pollutants from the air
  • Removes particulate matter PM2.5 and fine dust
  • Heavy metals
  • Pollen and allergenic
  • Animal allergenic
  • Cigarette fume
    and many others

Quiet operation: Low noise, low vibrations, low energy

High Clean Air Delivery Rate

Intelligent air monitoring



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Healthy Air in Homes and Offices

Removes Particulate Matter 2.5, Dust, Germs, Allergens, Heavy Metals, Smells and much more
6 Stages Protection with appealing Design: HEPA, Active Carbon, Modified Adsorbent Material, UV Lamp, Anion Generator
quite und energy saving



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